Hunger Is Not A Option


Mission Statement

To help eradicate hunger in our community one family at a time.



One in four children in North Carolina is food insecure!  NC is one of the fifteen worst states in the percentage of children under 18 who are lacking food on a regular basis.  Based on these two statistics alone, you can see why this is a very serious problem.

We offer a variety of can goods, pasta, meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and snacks.  

T.D.C gladly takes on the responsibility to help end hunger in our communities.  Our food pantry operates Wednesday through Friday  from 10-4 pm. 

Every 2nd Saturday of the month we will host one of the largest food giveaways in our area. We will be giving away over 15000 pounds of food each time.  Wow that's a lot of food!