Learning While Earning

Earn While You Learn

Sitting here with my teenage daughter, I asked her what would it take to get other teenagers involved in workshops that will educate and help them.  She said food and cash.  I laughed, she said mom I am serious.  So I asked why and she said anything we need to know we can get it from the internet.  Wow!

The internet is not always a healthy source of information, this is why 

Earn While You Learn/ Knowledge is Power was created.  Its very important that we educate our youth with accurate information.  Each one will teach one! 

We will partner with the Cumberland County Public Health Department and other community leaders and organization to make sure all the information is safe and accurate.  It really does take a VILLAGE!

T.D.C will give them an incentive of $100.00 for completing 6 worshops.  We will host a cermony to honor them for their accomplishments.

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